Home style

There really is no place like home, so why not make your home beautiful and weird and full of life? We’ve compiled our favourite home wares of the moment that’ll inject vitality into any space.


Meet the Shape Shifter Gold. This gorgeous wall-hanging from KarenKimmelStudios is an “exploration of colour and movement, of form and finish” and ain’t it cute. Made up of “shimmering purple, gold foil, mint, seafoam, antique gold, pink pearl, olive and ivory gloss” it looks like a mass of delicious pastel clouds.

Available from KarenKimmelStudios on Etsy.


Let there be light! Weird geometric, caged light. Grab this Magical Thinking Geo Diamond Pendant (what a mouthful) from Urban Outfitters to add a masculine counterpoint to a girly room.

Available here, US$69.00


Cute planters. There’s a reason succulents are the most popular plants in school this year. They’re hardy, practically thriving on neglect and, in the right circumstances, they propagate wildly. They’re also beautiful and a little weird, which is why these little recycled plant pots are the perfect house for them. Made in Calfornia by Thrifted and Made, these cuties are crafted with love and care. Some are even made from re-purposed urchins!  Grab some here.


A cup of hot tea is the homeliest thing in existence. All you tea lovers will no doubt be au fait with T2’s range of amazing teas and ceramics, but check these bad boys out: the Dippy teacup. These are amazing cups to drink from because of the size and shape of the cup.


Nice and capacious (so you can fit more tea in) and with a handy, deep lip (less spillage). And the colours, the deep blues, pinks and oranges, are so beautiful. Available for $26 from T2 stores or online here.


In my experience, sometimes the easiest way to brighten up a tired room is with bright material. You don’t have to be a master seamstress to hem yourself a new set of curtains, a set of tablecloths and placemats, or a basic quilt cover. When bought in bulk fabric can be incredibly cheap and what’s even more important is that you can tailor your home to suit your style, instead of sticking to the styles put out by department stores.


These amazing prints and more can be found at Fabric Traders (prices vary).

With love from the WOTS team.


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