Free water making a splash in the market

New brands are popping up left, right and centre in the already saturated bottled water market, but there is a new kid splashing into the Australian market and providing water the way it’s meant to be… free! Free is Better’s business approach has not gone unnoticed with many bloggers and retailers joining the packaged water revolt. 

So how are Free is Better able to provide FREE water to consumers? It involves a new form of static distribution, that uses the bottles itself to advertise. The brand also uses a clever social media approach to market the hell out of those bottles and have had massive support on the blogger scene.


Some bloggers that are reposting Free is Better’s simple and iconic bottles to their thousands of Instagram followers include: Lion Lion Bazaar (bloggers) and Larrie (DJ & Blogger).

Free Is Better Creator Hwi So says that, “the support so far has been tremendous, and they really appreciate that we’re doing something new to a market that is so over saturated and out-dated.”

The bottles are set to be stocked in 200+ stores by the end of 2014 and will be expanding to Sydney soon. Their other point of difference is that they are the first company in Australia to use oxo-biodegradable packaging, which breaks down 100 times faster than regular PET bottles, that are used as a standard throughout the industry.

Free is better are on track to challenge the multi-million dollar plastic water-bottle industry that holds a monopoly in Australia. It goes to show that with a clever concept and some awesome branding, the sky is the limit when it comes to product marketing.